Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Saul to Paul

Paul the Apostle (formerly Saul) is definitely an important ancestor of our faith.  13 of the New Testament books are attributed to him!  Paul wrote letters to the various early churches offering them encouragement and critique on how they were to live and function as a church and as followers of Jesus Christ.  On Sunday night, we learned more about Paul's life and work and how he was very important in the issues surrounding Jew verses Gentile when it came to this new faith of following Jesus Christ as God's Son.  What do you know about Paul?  Check out the book of Acts to find out more and read Paul's letters to see what he had to say to the early churches.  I think you will find that his words of encouragement and critique still apply to us today!

Then, just for fun, we tried our hand at building a tent since Paul was a tent-maker by trade.  You can see pictures here: FUSION Fall 2012