Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2011 Girls Retreat

Our 2011 Girls Retreat was themed "True Princess" where we explored what it means to be princesses as daughters of God our King!  We had a blast playing games, eating lots of food, canoeing, having Bible study together, watching movies, making s'mores, and having a spa night!  We hope you will join us next year!

Gathering: Connect Week 2

We continued our study of Moses' life this week at FUSION Gathering!  In Exodus chapter 3, Moses comes upon the burning bush.  God calls Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, and Moses becomes almost frozen in fear and responds with something like "!"  We realize that despite Moses' weaknesses, God promises to be with Moses and help him with this calling. 

To celebrate our strengths and weaknesses, we held the first annual Odd-Abilities Olympics where we used strange talents like catching popcorn in our mouths thrown to us by our partner, stacking and balancing markers on a table, and volleying a balloon back and forth without letting it touch the ground and without using our hands or arms!  Some of us were better at some of the challenges than others, but ultimately we each had unique skills and talents we may not have even realized prior to these Olympic games!

God has a calling for our lives too.  It may differ from person to person, but ultimately God calls us all to serve and help others.  We talked about various ways we can serve and help others right here in our own community.  To begin living into this calling we baked homemade chocolate chip cookies for a mission group who stayed next door at the Wesley foundation and had a homemade meal at our church Monday night!  How will you live into this calling from God on your life?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blizzards & Bible Study

Today was our first Blizzards & Bible Study!!  We had a great time eating ice cream and starting our study on 1 John.  I hope you'll join us next Tuesday at 2pm!

FUSION Gathering: Connect

This Sunday we began a new series called "Connect".  During this series we will be studying the life of Moses as we learn how to further live our our faith in God daily!  This week we looked at how Moses traded his life of power and privilege for a life of purpose.  So, as an opening activity we each received a bag of snacks.  We then had to trade with others, making at least 3 trades, to try to end up with the snacks we wanted most.  We looked at Moses' life of power and privilege before he devoted his life to God.  We talked about how this could be perceived as both a good trade and a bad trade.  Ultimately, though, we are also called to give up certain things in our life in order to trade them for a life of faith.  We each wrote down one thing God may be calling us to give up and trade away.  After writing it down, we balled up that piece of paper and threw it in the trash, symbolizing our "throwing away" of that particular thing.  As we continue with this study, we will search deeper into the story and life of Moses and explore where his story intersects with ours!  Come and join us every Sunday evening this summer from 7-8:30pm for FUSION Gathering!