Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fall @ FUSION!

School has gotten underway and that means our Sunday night FUSION Gathering meetings will begin in just a little over a week!!!!  We can't wait to see you all.  Here's what you need to know:

FUSION Gathering (aka youth group) starts back on September 7th!  Each Sunday night we will gather in the fellowship room for snacks from 5:45-6pm, then head down to the youth suite from 6-7:30pm for our fellowship & Bible study.

ON SEPTEMBER 7th: While the youth play games and get to know each other, Lyndsie will meet with the PARENTS in the youth room!  Parents, please come this first night for this meeting.  I will have lots of great information for you including a schedule of items to put on your calendar, an overview of the fall with FUSION Youth Ministries, a couple of forms to complete, and I will spend time answering any questions you might have.

Make sure you check out all of the other tabbed pages on this blog!  They have each been updated with new information and pictures.  See you soon!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Project SPY: Day 6

Well today was our last full day here at Project SPY.  Unfortunately, we made another trip to the urgent care this morning.  Ethan cut his finger on a pocket knife and had to get glued back together.  He is doing just fine, though, and we found plenty for him to do with the use of one hand!  I am so excited to say that we all worked really hard and COMPLETED the wheelchair ramp at Ms. Sumner's house!!!  It was a total celebration when the last picket was screwed onto the hand rail.  We all cheered and stood in awe at the thing we had built together!  Ms. Sumner was so excited to see it and take her first walk all the way down the ramp from her front door.  

We owe so much to Rich Meiser, Jeff Postans and Adam (our SPY construction project lead) for being excellent teachers and leaders in helping us to build this ramp and complete the various other projects at Ms. Sumner's house.  I am so proud of the youth for being willing to learn new things, for encouraging one another, and for working together to serve others in Christian love.  They were truly the hands and feet of Christ this week, sharing God's love and grace with those they encountered.  I am so blessed to be in ministry alongside such amazing youth, and it is so incredibly awesome to be living into my calling each and every day.  People don't always get to say that they get to do what they are truly passionate about every day.  My heart and my calling are for journeying alongside youth as they explore, grow and live out their faith, and it is especially an honor when I get to live that out through things like retreats and mission trips.  I can't wait to keep doing what I love each day!

Check out our last day on the work site:

This evening was a campfire, smores and a talent show!

Tomorrow morning we will have breakfast, clean up, pack up and load up and it's back to Farmville.  A huge thank you to Rich, Jeff and Whitney for joining me in leading this youth mission trip, and thank you to each of you again for your prayers and support for our team.  You have been a part of our mission as well and we truly appreciate it.