Thursday, July 31, 2014

Project SPY: Day 5

The weather was BEAUTIFUL today!  It felt like fall.  After breakfast, devotion and packing up lunch, we headed to the work site.  We made some great progress on the ramp at Ms. Sumner's house today!  Check it out:

A few of the youth even took some time to use some of the scrap wood to make a birdhouse!  Ms. Sumner was so excited and asked them to hang it on a particular tree in the back yard.

Tonight's dinner was the community cookout where all of the groups invite their home owners to come and have dinner with us.  Ms. Sumner was excited about the opportunity but wasn't able to make it.  It was neat to see several others from the community come, though, and fellowship alongside those they are in relationship with this week.  Even the mayor of Christiansburg and his wife came to eat with us and thanked us for all we are doing for the community through Project SPY.  

After dinner we had the opportunity to paint a few canvases as a group.  Our theme this week is "Spark".  How do we take that spark God gives each of us and fan the flame to truly ignite our lives for Christ?  So we were able to think creatively about the theme and put it into art.  Each person got a square to fill with their ideas.  I think we came up with some really neat and beautiful creations!  

Tomorrow is our last work day.  We are hoping to finish the ramp, but we're not sure we will be able to fully complete it.  But we are sure going to try!!!  Hopefully we can at least make it usable, then a team can come in next week to do some of the more cosmetic parts like the pickets for the railings.  Time to get some rest so we have the energy to get lots of work done tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Project SPY: Day 4

Wow!!!  We worked hard and played hard today!  On the worksite we got the new pane of glass in the basement door window, replaced the crawlspace door, installed a few door alarms, and made some amazing progress on building the ramp!  It turns out we needed to dig more holes in the pavement so we took care of those as well.  Everyone worked so well together, taking turns with all the various jobs as each felt comfortable.  The youth did such a wonderful job teaching their replacement how to do their current task as they switched off roles.  Guy was our insect casuality today, getting stung on the back by a yellow jacket.  But otherwise, the work day went really well.  Check out some of the pictures from our worksite today.

After a delicious taco dinner, it was time for the SCAVENGER HUNT!!!  This was so so much fun.  We got a list of 22 things to find all around Christiansburg and Blacksburg and we had to take a picture as proof.  We did things like yoga in a fast food resturant, the whole group with the hokie bird made out of legos, random act of kindness, give a flower to a stranger, draw an outline of a group member with chalk, get a cookout milkshake, pictures with as many hokie bird statues as you can, etc.  We had so much fun!  We will find out tomorrow morning at breakfast which group won.  Each item was worth a particular amount of points, with some bonus points as well.  We had a blast driving and running all over the place and taking all sorts of hilarious pictures.  

Tomorrow we hope to make more progress on the ramp! As always thank you for your prayers.