Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Days & Discipleship

With all the snow and school closings last week, we had a fun snow day at the church for all the youth. We played games, hung out and watched a movie!

On Sunday night, we continued our conversation about what it means to a Disciple of Jesus Christ.  We are often told to "try harder" with things in our lives...whether it's school or sports or something else.  In our lives, God calls us to not just try harder, but to give our all.  We looked at two stories in the Bible, one from Matthew and one from Luke, about women who came and anointed Jesus.  One washed his feet with her tears, dried his feet with her hair and anointed him with perfume.  The other anointed him with costly oil.  These were risky moves for these women, but important ones.  They understood what it meant to truly seek a relationship with Jesus and to follow him.  They gave everything they had without hesitation.  God calls us to do the same!  How will you seek to deepen your relationship with Christ?  What steps will you take to become a more faithful disciple of Jesus?  

We also played a fun new game called Wink'um!

See you this Sunday, February 2nd, for our SUPER BOWL PARTY!  It will be at the church (*note: this is a change) from 6-9pm.  RSVP to Lyndsie so I can order enough pizza, and bring a snack to share!