Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mission Camp: Day #4

As you can see from the time I am posting this, today was a long day!  Good thing we get to sleep in a little tomorrow (breakfast is at 9 instead of 7).  Today Kate and Dante were with the group that stayed at VUMAC to finish up the last of the painting and staining.  The benches look great!  The rest of us were at the Amelia Thrift Store.  Our main task of the day was loading up two trailers full of books, bags and toys to take to the Blackstone Goodwill store.  Amelia does not want to turn away any donations, but currently they have an excess to the point where they are running out of extra storage room before items can even be placed on the shelves in the actual store.  We got a good amount of boxes and bags cleared out from the storage room between the two trailer loads full. 

This evening our taco and mac and cheese meal (strange combination, I know!) was provided by Crewe UMC!  After eating, we got ready to go to the dance with Camp Rainbow.  We all had a wonderful time dancing with the camp participants.  Afterward we headed up to another room for the District Youth dance!  We had a great time dancing the night away.  After a closing prayer, we all headed back to our rooms for a good night's sleep (or to stay up and chat more about the awesome week it has been).  I'm thankful for the couple extra hours of sleep I'll get in the morning!  After breakfast, packing and a closing service, it is back to Farmville tomorrow. 

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