Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Speak: My New Life

This Sunday at FUSION Gathering we moved our focus from God as the creator, to the God who is still creating and very much still a part of our world!  We began with a chalk board reflection on "What do you think it means to be saved?"  We then had a hula hoop competition where Dante dominated in both heats!  We talked about like the hula hoop, there had to be something that caused the motion of the hula hoop to begin.  Similarly, there had to be a causer to set the world in motion.  But, God didn't simply set the world in motion and then stop being involved.  God is creating anew and is a part of our lives every day. 

We took a look at Ephesians 4:17-24 and discussed how the image of clothing (throwing off the old and putting on the new) can help us understand salvation.  When we become Christians, God asks us to throw off our old way of life and put on a new one.  Salvation is not a one stop shop, either!  It is God creating us anew each and every day. 

We spent some time in small groups exploring three ways Jesus described himself:
Living Water
Bread of Life
Light of Life
We talked about what water, bread and light are like and what they do for us.  Then we explored how Jesus is like these things to us and how these images tell us about the new life God offers to us.  Instead of our normal prayer circle to close, we passed around bread.  As we each took a piece from the loaf, we named one thing we are thankful to God for as our prayer for the evening.  I wonder, what are you thankful to God for in your life?  Comment on this post with your responses. 

Don't forget your help is needed THIS Sunday after the 11am service with unloading the sheds for the UMW's yard sale.  Meet in the Social Hall!

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