Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Messiah as King

This Sunday we focused on our understanding of Jesus the Messiah as King!  We knew that the Israelites were waiting for a king...one that would make things right again among the nations.  So we spent time exploring this understanding of salvation through a king in Jesus.  We first took a look at two Psalms: Psalm 2 and Psalm 89:1-18.  We took time to look more closely at each of these by making notes and writing marks on them.  We circled key words, put question marks next to things we didn't understand, we highlighted phrases that stood out, we drew pictures of certain words or ideas, and we drew different emotion faces next to things that made us feel particular ways.  We really enjoyed this method of studying Scripture and plan to continue to use this method of reflecting on Scripture in our daily lives!  We talked about the similarities and differences between the two Psalms and what stood out to us about them.

Then we took a look at 2 Samuel 7:8-17.  In this passage, God is making a covenant with David through the prophet Nathan.  We see that God promises that an eternal king who God will call son will be born out of David's family.  The youth were excited to realize that God is talking about Jesus, and that Jesus is from the line of David!  How awesome that many many generations before Jesus was born, God is already promising to David that the true King that will reign for eternity and bring about true salvation will be one of his descendants!

What better way to end our evening than with a Royal Triathlon!  We participated in a three-part relay of royal games!  First, a king or queen must demonstrate perfect posture and balance, so we had to race balancing a book on our heads.  Second, a king or queen must dress in the finest clothing, so we had to put on jewels, a headpiece and a fine piece of linen and race up and back before the next person put on the attire.  Third, it is said that kings and queens eat from a silver spoon, so we each had to balance a cotton ball on a spoon held in our mouths and race up and back to see which team could collect the most cotton balls at the end of a time limit!  It was a lot of fun and quite amusing.

This Friday, January 20th, meet us at Sunchase for a FUSION Youth night at the movies!  Be there at 6:30pm for the 6:50pm showing of Joyful Noise (rated PG-13).  Bring extra money for popcorn and a drink if you want snacks.  See you at the movies!

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