Friday, July 31, 2015

SPY Day 6

Today was an awesome day on the worksites! Team Orange was able to finish the bathroom and both bedroom floors and they look amazing! Team Maroon started the day at the original worksite. We fitted the drywall patch for the hole in the wall and cleaned up the site, then it was off to another site. Our first stop was to help another group finish a deck, because they had a huge flooring project they were working hard to complete. After that, we headed to another site to lend a hand to another group. At this site we were helping a woman clear out her kitchen because she is having the floor replaced next week after a pipe burst and created a severe mold issue underneath the tile. They were also painting one of the bedrooms. Our two groups worked really well together and we were able to complete the tasks! 

After dinner we had a wonderful worship service where Pastor Jonathan talked about Sabbath and the importance of being still and knowing that God is present and full of grace. He preached about how we are called to rest and abide in God's grace and take the time to not just slow down, but to stop and be still.  It was such a powerful word after a week of being busy and working hard! We shared together in Holy Communion and a time of prayer to wrap up worship.

After worship we headed outside for a campfire, s'mores and the annual talent show. We had a great time in fellowship with each other. 

It's hard to believe that this week has already come to an end. The youth have already asked me if they can come back again next summer! Every one of them has done an amazing job this week learning new skills, working hard and serving as God has called them to. I'm so proud of them and blessed to be in mission with them this week. A special thank you to Jeff, Rich and Kari who served as my co-leaders this week. I couldn't have asked for a better team! Thank you each for all your prayers this week. They have meant so much to us. Please pray for safe travels tomorrow and we will see you all soon! 

Grace and peace,
Rev. Lyndsie Blakely 

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  1. Thank you, SPY team, for being the hands of Jesus in this good works.