Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Jesus Calms the Storm

This week we "traveled" to the Sea of Galilee and watched as Adam Hamilton joined a local fisherman in a boat on the sea that probably looked a lot like the boat Jesus and his disciples were on.  It would have been nighttime since that is when they fished.  The boat was fairly small.  No wonder the disciples were scared when the storm came!   But Jesus calms the storm and asks the disciples why they are so scared..."Do you still have no faith?"  And the disciples begin to truly realize who Jesus is.  Before this, the only one who they had ever heard that could control the wind and waves was God.  So when Jesus calmed the storm, God's power must have instantly come to mind.  Surely this man, then, must be God's son!

What are you scared of?  When you face different "storms" in your life, what is your initial reaction?  Do you doubt?  Are you scared?  Are you worried?  Do you get mad or upset?  Do you pray?  Do you talk to a mentor, family member or friend?  Do you read Scripture?

How can we make practices like prayer, reading Scripture and talking with people who are important to us habits so that when we are faced with a difficult situation, those will be our initial reactions rather than being scared, mad or doubtful?

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