Friday, March 1, 2013

The Healing Ministry

This week we took a look at Jesus' healing ministry.  We visited Capernaum with Adam Hamilton and saw several sites where several of Jesus' healings took place.  We discussed who cares for us when we are sick and ways we can help others when they are sick.  What effect do you think you can have on another person's healing?  When we look at Luke 5:18-19, we see that Jesus healed this man who was paralyzed because of his friends' faith and dedication to him!  Who are our stretcher-bearers? These are the "people who will carry us and pray for us and have faith for us when our own faith is weak or nonexistent" (Hamilton).  Who will you be a stretcher-bearer for?

We spent some time being stretcher-bearers by carrying one another on a "stretcher" across the room through obstacles!  Check out the pictures below.

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